Men vs. Women in the Media


It’s been many years since the advertisements below were acceptable in American culture; advertisements that portrayed women as inferior to men and undeserving of respect.

America has come a long way since these ads, right?  Well not exactly, we have just come full circle.

Pop Quiz Time!

Which is the real advertisement from a 2009 magazine?



If you answered “A” you are correct, and if you answered A because the woman is smarter than the man, you are on the right track.  Today, men, not women, are portrayed as inferior intellectually and even physically, and therefore can be disrespected at any opportunity.  Men are reduced to incompetent children that women must “put up with.”  Watch this new commercial for Windows 7 – Cloud.

The tag line is “to give me the family nature never could” as the husband hangs his head in shame.  Apparently even nature couldn’t produce the kind of man she deserves.

Or here is another example:

There are countless more advertisements out there, just watch prime time tv tonight,  or you can check out another example here:

The media even pretends that women are equal or stronger physically than men, and judging by the success of such female characters in movies, America eats up the idea. Take a look at these two movies below:

Americans are slowly being brainwashed and the American family is suffering. Families need leadership, and the man is best suited for this role.   Women have the privilege to empower their husbands and to use their influence to help him become great, or in the case presented in this post, to become weak.  So why do women want to turn their husbands into children?   Why do men passively pretend they are weak?

The next generation of boys need someone to look up to, someone worthy of this role.  They need to learn to be proud of themselves and to enjoy fulfilling their purpose within the family.

Men, don’t let the media dictate your worth .  Embrace your masculinity and have respect for yourself.

I normally leave you with a bible verse to ponder, but this time I’m going to leave men with a question:

Do you have a reason to say to your wife and to the world at large:

That’s why they call me big poppa. - The Notorious B.I.G. (rapper)

4 Responses to Men vs. Women in the Media

  1. Wow… seriously ? I am more religious than most people…but seriously, what gave you the impression that spreading poison is allowed? Men, and women- whilst they most certainly are not the same, and I agree that some of the earlier and newer adds are disgusting- men are not the undisputed leaders of the family! Ever heard of the saying- it takes two to tango- well yeah it does. Both parents, or authoritive figures in the family are in charge- and to be fair, how many men does anyone know who can actually stand up and truthfully say that they have put in a lot of effort raising their kids? Money isn;t everything- there are men AND women who raise children by themseleves as well as putting the food on the table and clothes on everyone’s backs! It is out of order to even presume that Men have an upper hand! And whilst I’m at it- why on earth should women not be portrayed as intelligent? |Do you know- this kind of propanganda is what makes men think it’s ok to go around raping women and act all high and mighty about it afterwards….I am thoroughly ahamed of bein a man after reading this- you people make me sick!

    • You are misunderstanding the point of this post, which is it to demonstrate that the media often portrays men as inferior to women, which is not true. I do not suggest that men disrespect women, but I am suggesting that men should not disrespect themselves!
      A marriage does “take two to tango” as you put it, and therefore, my point is that women should not take on the leadership role by demeaning their husbands (as the media would suggest they do). No one wants a stupid, childish husband, and women have the privilege to empower their husbands to be great men.
      Women are intelligent, but my point is that the media wants to portray men as unintelligent.
      Raping or mistreating a woman is not acceptable; this post in no way supports disrespect of either gender, in fact, the purpose is to encourage mutual respect.

  2. Hey April! Just wanted to say I’m instantly a fan of your blog – what a fantastic writer you are, and what inspirational, meaningful posts you write! Couldn’t agree more on this one… Caleb and I talk about this kind of thing a lot too. I’m glad you’ve addressed it so well. We need more refreshingly honest writers like you in this world. Thanks for writing!

    Natalie :)

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